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Anyone have any idea where I can get an emergency light, battery powered, preferably Zigbee. It's for my shed. We have had several tools stolen and I have video of the intruder. But at 1 am in the morning quality is quite poor so I am planning to install a camera in the shed but I would like additional lighting in there. The shed is not powered so I need a smart battery powered zigbee light.


What kind of camera do you have in the shed, most cameras take a 2-7 seconds to switch from night vision to color and back giving a whitewashed or blacked-out appearance until the switch has occurred so adding lights may not work as well as expected. Dahua makes 2mp StarLight cameras which do much better at night than most and are pretty reasonable. HikVision makes darkfighter I think which is supposed to be their night vision model (I only have experience with Dahua).

Thanks for replying. I have 4 Blink XT2 cameras installed around the outside that work quite well. They are battery powered at the moment, but my project this spring is to feed them power. I can arm them from HE via IFTTT, and that works well too. The transition from IR to lit seems to be no problem but I will double check that tonight. I will research the Dahua and HikVision lights you mentioned.

Thanks again

You can cobble one together using the inline zigbee switch on the Sylvania undercabinet lights. I've tested the switch on 6vdc & 12vdc. You'd just need a battery and 12v light.

The Dahua Starlight and HikVision Darkfighters are cameras not lights. There are a number of options for Z-Wave outdoor lights but I’m not aware of any battery powered Z-Wave or Zigbee lights, the battery performance on those would be the biggest challenge.

How about installing some IR illuminators to assist the cameras to “see” at night ??
You might even be able to find some motion activated models??

Might be a bit overkill for your situation but this could work.

Thanks for the link, and yes it is a bit overkill as I have a camera already setup. I just need a battery powered light that I can activate from HE when intrusion is detected. I want a good video of these people for the police! I think I will pursue the suggestion by 'rcjordon ' above and give that a try.

Thanks again

If you happen to be storing a riding lawnmower or other key-start equipment in that shed, you could use their battery as a power source.

I'm controlling a string of fairy lights, but any good spool of 12v leds ought to work.

I do this for my garden, they are fixed to the house (so have power) and only become active once it's dark enough.

There are plenty on amazon etc, but take their range claims with a pinch of salt.

25 years ago, when my shed was broken into (tools stolen), I reinforced the door using 2x4s and put a bicycle u-Lock through the handles.

My shed was never hit again, but I know there were other thefts in the neighborhood. My experience suggests that barrier protection is a better/cheaper deterrent than lights and cameras.


Thanks for all the replies. Yes aaiyar I agree and I have now beefed up the lock to a shrouded design that is much harder to cut through (I hope).

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If your shed has two doors with well screwed in thick steel door handles (I put 2" thick wood behind the handles, and used 2" #8 screws), then consider getting like a kryptonite U-lock.

It is so hard to cut through those locks. Also, when those handles are hard to cut and hard to rip out, there's no way someone is breaking in!

No need for a zigbee sensor or light. Just add a motion sensor battery light to assist the camera. There are many available.

Or, get a Wyzecam. The night vision is clear and crisp. I actually cannot see as much of my backyard with the night vision of my Wyze Pancam when I turn on the deck light, so I just have my Hue outdoor motion sensor turn on the garden lights. To the naked eye, it's still to dark to see anything, but for night vision, it's just right and I can see everything very clearly when they turn on.

For just a minimal assist, I bought one of these for my back stairs, and for your Blink in such a small space, this would probably the most light you would want anyway. Too much assist light and it just blows out the image.

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Door handles:


Back in the day the had a brand call Kryptonite, but I can't find that anymore. This looks pretty close.

Is that the lock you used to protect this?
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