Battery operated z-wave devices

I'm confused. My garage is located approximately 80 feet from my C7 hub. I have 3 battery operated devices in my garage (2 garage door tilt switches and a service door contact sensor). I also have a zooz smart plug (zen15) and a ring alarm range extender in the same building. The z-wave network graph in the C7 z-wave details shows 2 of the battery operated devices making a direct connection to the C7 hub (80 feet away), and the third battery operated device (which is furthest from my hub) is making a direct connection to my basement light smart switch. None of the 3 battery operated operated devices are making a connection to either of the 2 repeaters in my garage (just a few feet away). The ring alarm range extender and the zooz smart plug appear to be working fine. They both are making connections to multiple devices 80 feet away. What the heck is going on here? I've done the z-wave repair multiple times.

z-wave is going to pick it's own route regardless of what you do. Usually it is the most optimal routes based on a variety of factors.


If you are looking at the visualization map, it does show all neighbor connections. So if you only have one line then it likely has no neighbors discovered (as you stated). However with battery devices I have found that some of them REFUSE to accept neighbors if they can link to the hub directly. I have a battery remote that does this. Most of my other battery devices have some neighbors but much less than the mains powered devices.

Basically Z-wave does what it wants and if everything works don't even try and understand its choices.


The Z-wave repair just asks the device to evaluate its choices. You can't force a device to pick a different routing. What the device sees via radio signals and timing is not the same as what a human would pick.

Most of the time is isn't recommended or needed to do a full Z-wave repair. You might need to do a repair on an individual node rarely or occasionally. I have used repair when I replaced a dead device with a new one. There are probably other examples of why it is needed, but it isn't something that most people should use on a regular basis.

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