Battery Level don't work

I wouldn't automatically blame Hubitat. There are many reasons why battery monitoring isn't accurate. There are several threads here that explain more. if interested,


Different solutions or app?

When my Zen thermostats were on SmartThings I got accurate battery status.

The same applies to Aeotec multi sensors on Vera.


I've had this "explained" to me before - tbh the explanation didn't hold water. ST and Vera have many many issues, one they didn't have was accurate battery reporting for natively supported devices.

Only my Aeotec Tri-sensors seem to produce reliable battery states. Then I have some devices reporting 100% till they just drop dead and other devices reporting 0% battery from day 1 while working perfectly.


No solution :neutral_face: :no_mouth: :unamused:

I use Device Watchdog. I first installed it to check for devices falling off and still do but it will also generate battery reports. It doesn't check in real time but at intervals set by you. It's been very reliable for me.


Watchdog runs a report that you can pre-define the frequency to tell you the last time a device has "checked in" or woke up. If it's been X hours and the device hasn't woke up and reported, odds are battery level is dead.

I personally find "battery monitoring" useless. There is zero point in knowing the battery level as I'm not replacing the battery until it's actually dead no matter what level is "reported"

So Device Watchdog solves this as every day ALL my battery devices have a report ran at 10AM and any device on that list that hasn't reported in 24 hours (or usually anything since midnight)I know I need to change the battery. Takes 5 seconds daily to check this list populated on it's on Dashboard.

EDIT: Besides First Alert Zwave Smoke/CO Detectors because they don't naturally wake up to check in but once every 7 days.


I do basically the same thing, although I so a battery report too and replace proactively at certain levels. I travel a lot so don't like it when sensors die when I'm out of town.

The activity report is very useful to me.

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The OP's issue is that notifier wasn't working for battery reports. I had the same issue. Watchdog reports it reliably. I find it very useful to at least know when a battery replacement is coming up so the sensors don't die and everything just stops working. Every device is different. Some work well, others don't. I'm not aware of anything built in that does this. I also had issues with devices falling off the network that had nothing to do with batteries.


OTOH, I will replace a battery that is getting low if we are going to be traveling. I don't want a sensor to die while we are away, especially if it is going to be for a week or more. I am more comfortable letting the battery get lower if we are home.

I've had my Iris V2 Smart Fobs disappear well before the reported battery level reaches 0. When that happens, the alarm will arm and then sound if someone is home. It happened when my wife's fob had a low battery and it was reported as not present and I was away. That does not do well for the WAF when that happens.

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Shoot. I think NONE of my battery devices ever get down to zero before they stop working/updating.

I typically replace anything <40%, as I have many devices where 33 or as low as it goes before dying.


Same here, although my samsung buttons usually bottom out in the 40% range. I have one that was reporting regularly and has been sitting at 47% since January. I used it last night and it's still working although it's rarely used and I'm not concerned about it dying.

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This smartthings tilt sensor has reported this battery level for over 8 months now, device still works fine.


With Lithium Batteries in my Schlage locks the very day they "Don't" report 100% the next day they are completely dead.

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Well, that's pretty much how lithium batteries work. And why I don't use them often, in favor of regular alkaline that have a flatter voltage dropoff. But there is no "right answer" here, really.

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I agree and that is part of the battery reporting problems on these smaller sensors as most of those batteries are lithiums , but in the colder weather alkalines don't withstand very many days with colder temps


Gotcha. That isn't a problem I have to deal with. :slight_smile:

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Thanks All

Is the notification working on non "Battery level" devices? Or is it only broken for battery.

Besides all the advice above, I'm not sure this particular point has been touched on: you'll only get a notification when a battery event happens (and the value of that event matches your notification criteria). So if you have a sensor that is already below 20%, this app won't do anything until the next time that device sends a battery report, whenever that is.

Like many people above, I do activity-based monitoring instead. I do supplement this with battery monitoring for some devices I care a bit more about (it's more proactive and not just reactive), but I think I need to work that into my app for on-demand reports instead of using Notifications like I am now. That way I can more easily see the levels when I want to, can get notified at a time that's good for me (a feature of the app), and don't have to deal with a bunch of notifications at 2 AM for a sensor I'm not going to worry about at that exact time. :rofl: Just sharing my opinion/experience if you care.


Thanks Again
I will install the Whatchdog and i think later i will annoy you with other questions