Bathroom Vanity Motion Sensors for Close Range

I had an idea to help figure out how to trigger a single vanity in a dual vanity bathroom setup. The use case is, especially in the morning and at night, to trigger the hue lightbulbs in each vanity light fixture without having to use voice commands or switches. I started thinking about infrared or something like a garage door safety sensor that trips when the infrared is broken, but it still didn't account for which side. I also tried to look for something like a close proximity motion sensor that would only detect you within, say, a foot or two and only forward, not any peripheral range motion. Which eventually led to me thinking about placing motion sensors underneath the vanity cabinets, tucked up in the toe kick area pointing to the floor. This way when you stand at the counter, your feet would activate the sensor and since it's such a small area, it shouldn't have too many false positives. Here are some photos to help paint a picture:

So now it's deciding what are some solid Zigbee motion sensors that don't need a large range, in fact the smaller the better, and no additional features. I use Hue motion sensors throughout my house for the motion, temp and lux features and they are great, but feel like they would be a waste on this specific project. Small form factor, motion only, long battery life and the shorter the sensing range the better. Any sensors come to mind? Also open to what others have done for something like this, could be helpful at the kitchen sink to so it could trigger the recessed light over the sink, etc. Thanks!

Nyce makes what they call a "Curtain" motion sensor. Curtain refers to the "beam" pattern - narrow. 20 degrees for the "curtain" versus 82 degrees for their regular motion sensor. I use one at the bottom of a stairwell to turn the stairwell light on without a lot of false turn-ons from people walking by. The Nyce sensors are expensive but very good battery life.


You can use tape and reduce the coverage area of the sensors to the area you wish covered

Thanks guys, definitely some options to look at.

I’m really hoping to find a small form factor motion only sensor that’s reliable. I know there’s a ton out there, just don’t want to waste extra features when I just need a small, quick reliable motion sensor to tuck under the cabinet as a proof of concept at the moment.

Possibly a pressure mat or 2 under a rug connected to a contact sensor?

A pressure mat was my first thought but I probably limited my search by looking for a Zigbee or Z-Wave mat and didn’t find much. Thanks for the link!

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