Bathroom Timer with Delays

I'm new to this, but overall, I think (thought) I had a basic understanding of the operation. I was trying to do a pretty simple routine to turn off the ceiling lights, turn on shower lights, and dim the vanity lights. After 11 minutes, toggle the lights so the shower light and vanity lights turn off, and the ceiling lights turn on. Wait another 11 minutes and then turn on the bathroom timer (fans).

I changed the timers/delays to 30 seconds just for testing instead of the 11 minutes.

What is actually happening when I press the button is all the lights turn off. Then all the lights turn on (because of the toggle), then the fans turn on. What am I missing??

The rule looks right. I tend to prefer setting the on / off rather than the toggle - that way, you’re sure it worked.

If you press the button more than once, it will restart everything but not stop the previous actions - that could cause issues.

If you use “Wait” instead of “Delay”, they will be cancelled and everything will restart with another press of the Shave button 1.

You can also enable logging on the rule to see what exactly happens. That might help debug the issue.

The logs were the solution. Thanks for the reply. I found that I had another rule that was being activated when one of the lights was turning off. Thanks for kicking me into the log to sort it out!

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