Bathroom Mirror on and off

We have two Rak bathroom mirrors which have built in lighting and heating (one has Bluetooth) I'd like to turn off the power to these partly to stop the bright lights of the buttons shining at night, and also to get over the fact that the heaters often get left on for the whole day :roll_eyes:

I’m thinking a motion sensor and an inline power switch is all I need and then some rules to turn on when motion is detected and then off after a certain time.

Does that sound workable - any suggestions to motion sensor and inline switch devices?

I’m in the UK so mains is 230/240v

This relay may work for you. Need to verify if it can handle the current of your heater.

Thanks that looks like a dinky solution. I have some Osram motion sensors which seem to work well with the Hubitat to pick up the motion. Now I just need to work out how to set it all up so when switched on it turns off after a set time like 45 mins.