Bathroom humidity and motion control

Im seeking an elegant and simple method to control the bathroom.
At the moment ,because unfortunately there is no option to add humidity levels to the motion lighting app, iam using one motion lighting rule and one separate humidity rule in rule machine . But the humidity control is not perfect because for e.g. if the humidity hits the roof and not changing , and the motion lighting times out and switches off , it wont turn back on . i would gladly combine the two rules into one elegant solution.
Thank you

We might need a little more detail. What exactly are you wanting to control in the bathroom? Are you wanting lighting to turn on when the humidity rises? Or are you wanting a fan to turn on when humidity is high? Or something else....?

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For me, the best solution was to separate my motion needs from my humidity needs. I have 2 motion sensors in my bathroom, 1 in the shower and one for the door. the sensor in the shower has humidity sensing as well. If I enter the shower I have motion rule that overrides basic room light functions - then I use "Smarter Humidity Fan" user app and it's worked like a dream. The user app turns my fan on for a period until the humidity comes back under control from a shower. It really is a set and forget type thing!


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