Bathroom Fan safe switch (2021)

I'm shopping around for a more updated switch that reports correctly to be used for a bathroom exhaust fan. Currently using a GE/Jasco switch in there. The ZEN26 looked good in price but it specifically said no fan, :stuck_out_tongue:

I just recently put Inovelli blacks on my bathroom fans and they are working fine.

Thank you. Just my luck they're out of stock now grrr. I saw they had both dimmer and on/off a couple of days ago.

The blacks are going out of stock because they discontinued them, the reds which is their better option is available and should also work fine on a bathroom fan.


You might also check out the Zooz Zen 30 -- it specifically mentions an exhaust fan.

ZOOZ ZEN30 | Double Switch (

Also, the Zooz Zen 23 also mentions exhaust fans up to 3A:

Zooz Z-Wave Plus On / Off Toggle Switch ZEN23 VER 4.0 - The Smartest House

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That Zen30 looks like it will solve a couple of problems. I am unable to two smart switches in the current box and this will take care of the light and fan! Free shipping over $75, hmmm.

just curious, which Jasco model are you using? i have a house full of Jasco switches and have no issues with them. none on fans though, all on lights and ceiling fans

I'm not sure of the exact model number but it was one of my early smart switches I used on ST. It doesn't report status so I had to resort to polling. I have 4 of them in use at the moment which wasn't really an issue but something got hosed during the last couple of updates to my hub that affected polling.

Don't use Zen23s. Despite what Zooz says, they do not like bathroom fans (and my fans are within spec). Had to power cycle them every couple of weeks after they stop physically working and/or stop communicating. I replaced 3 of them with GE Enbrighten 43074 (single) /49187 (two-pack) and the GEs have been rock solid for months.

Also, had to bring my hub within inches to connect the Zen23s. The GEs connected just fine to the hub a floor and several walls away.

ahhh, non-plus models. yea, definitely time to replace those

I use GE/Jasco switches (or dimmers configured in switch mode) for all 5 of my bathroom vent fans.

wait...that's a thing? crap, i've only been buying the smart switch because i didn't want the dimming function, but if it could toggle between dimmer/switch, i might need to rethink some things

I have a couple of the Zen30s arriving soon. I'm excited to see if this works for me. I can tackle both bathrooms!

Do I pair the Zooz with S2 or None? I would hate to mess up my working mesh.

None seems to work best IMO

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