Basics of custom logic and cloud data collection

Super new to Hubitat and trying to understand the very basics.

My goal is to capture temperature data from 1 or more zwave sensors (aerQ), send that data to Hubitat, and then finally have that data sent through my Lan/router to my self-managed cloud VM (Linode).

Does this require a custom groovy app? Are there apps/plugins (still learning terminology) for the major cloud providers? I'm not opposed at all to writing custom code/logic.

I love how Hubitat is all local and doesn't rely on the cloud, but I'm also interested in learning how to selectively send certain sets of custom sensor data to the cloud.


Easiest way to get data in/out of HE, IMHO, is through the use of MakerAPI, and if you're not opposed to setting up Node-Red on your VM there is a fairly solid set up nodes (node-red-contrib-hubitat) that you can use to act as the interface between HE-MakerAPI and whatever you want to do on your VM.

I think rule machine and webcore can send http put requests, so if you control the services receiving data, you should be able to do this without writing a groovy app.

Of course you can do this in groovy, just likely to be more lines of code than RM or webcore.

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