Basic Voice control

Hello, I just plugged in the Hubitat so am total novice and I apologize for the no doubt dumb question... I'd like to be able to use voice control from my iphone to turn on some lights, unlock doors, etc. The Alexa skill doc says I need an Alexa capable device but I wondered if perhaps a smart phone qualifies..? I do not own any smart speakers and don't really want one. Is there a way to use voice control with just a phone and say the alexa app or similar?

The Alexa phone app is usable as an virtual Alexa device. You’d have to create an Alexa account, then add the Alexa Echo Skill app to the hub and select the devices that you want to allow Alexa to control.

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Great, thanks so much for the help and extremely fast reply!

You can also setup shortcuts on the IPhone that can run RM rules. You set a endpoint trigger on the rule and then the Siri Shortcut can execute it.

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