Basic Rules - Run Action

The Basic Rules app has been great and very easy to use so far, but I do wish we’d have the option to manually initiate the rules like we can with the “Run Action” button in Rule Machine. Hopefully it can be a future add on.

I have the same situation.
Here is my basic rule:

All I did was change the name of the rule, and it did NOT run at 1200 hrs.
I changed the name at about 1145, so it should not have interfered with the 1200 time wait.

I know the wait was probably cancelled when I update the rule, but if there was a way to "start" the rule,, I would think the waits would have happened....
I would have written a rule for it, but a rule needs a trigger to start, and this is just something that should run by itself, and all day, every day, as it is selecting combinations of averages, so (as far as I can think of) there really isn't a trigger other than "when a time of day".

actually, it looks like the rule starts over... here is the log entry after I updated the rule name:

The rule name is "Thermostat temp sensor selector"

When you hit Done in the rule, it does start over. However, you can change the name without hitting Done. Just change it, and then click on Apps on the left side menu -- it should have the new name at that point.

ok thank you for that info!