Basic Rules - Control Thermostat mode dropdown is broken

I'm trying to set up some Basic Rules to control my thermostat, but it seems like there's an issue with the "Select thermostat mode" dropdown. When I try to change the value, the dropdown just resets to the empty "Click to set". It looks like there's a request sent to the server when the I select a value, but it's just setting settings[thermMode1] to an empty string.

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This is more likely a problem with the thermostat driver. Can you show a screenshot or copy/paste of the entire "Current States" section from the device detail page for the thermostat device? And along those lines, what driver are you using for this device?

Current States

  • battery : 95
  • coolingSetpoint : 78.8
  • heatingSetpoint : 71.6
  • supportedThermostatFanModes : ["auto","on"]
  • supportedThermostatModes : ["off","heat","cool","auto","emergency heat"]
  • temperature : 72.0
  • thermostatFanMode : auto
  • thermostatMode : heat
  • thermostatOperatingState : idle
  • thermostatSetpoint : 71.6

What driver are you using for this device?

It's a Zen Thermostat; I added it through the Add Device -> Zen -> Thermostat menu. I'm not sure how to figure out what driver I'm using; I don't see anything about the driver on the device details page

Interesting--that's not what I expected, and it actually looks correct. :slight_smile: Does the same thing happen if you try this action in a new rule?

There's a built-in driver for the Zen Thermostat, which is probably what it paired with; how you add it (whether just manually as "Zigbee" or through the menus by vendor/model) doesn't affect this. And the current states look OK for the two things I was curious about, supportedThermostatFanModes and supportedThermostatModes, which are often in an older/odd format that newer apps don't always handle well (they're supposed to be JSON now, and yours are).

I was setting up half dozen of these or so and had the same experience with all of them :frowning: Is there anything else I can poke around into to try to see if there's a bug?

I won't really help your particular use, but you could try with a newly created Virtual Thermostat (that's the driver to use) device to see how it's supposed to work, which does work for me. I don't have a Zen Thermostat in use anymore to test with any more myself. The only other thing I can think of is to hit "Configure" or maybe even just "Save Device" to see if that helps, though again, the formatting of these attributes looks correct from what you provided.

Huh... Actually I'm seeing the same thing with a Virtual Thermostat!

Are you on latest release:

Yes, just updated this morning!

Looks to me as though there are bugs in Basic Rule for both Thermostat Mode and Thermostat Fan Mode. These will get fixed in the next release. In the meantime, you can use Rule Machine to do the same automation.

Awesome, I'll try to figure that out. Thanks!

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