Basic rule sunrise/sunset restriction not working

Hi, new user here. I just created a motion sensor rule (turn light on, wait 5min, turn off) which works, but I added a restriction to only work between sunset/sunrise. However, it continues to trigger during the day. I checked the timezone on the hub and it is correct... does it take awhile for the restriction appear and start working?

No, it should not.

Can you post a screenshot of the automation? Also, turn on logging, and post a screenshot of the logs as it runs.

here are

the screen shots

Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 11.05.53 AM

Click on Done and exit the app. Does it still run? Also, when did you create the app?

I tried to setup the same rule, and mine seems to work as expected.

I created it a couple hours ago... still running during daylight hours after closing out of app. I notice it does not say "restricted" in red on the basic rules page list in apps. Maybe I will delete and start over... I am having same issue with a garage door trigger that runs during restricted hours

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not sure why this worked but i deleted the automations, power cycled the hub, redid the automations & now it works (or we'll see if it worked tonight). The whole experience seems much better than ST, even with my new user fumbling... thanks for the help


I had the same issue today. No matter what I tried from basic rules to simple automation the sunset to sunrise restriction would not be respected. I rebooted my hubitat and it started working properly.