Basic Rule or Automation

I got my garage door control to work.

now I want to be able to alert/notify if I change the mode to xxxxx and the Garage Door is open


What did you create the garage automation with? Please show us your rule.

This would be pretty easy with Rule Machine:

Trigger event: Mode changes to xxxxx

Required expression: Garage door open

Actions to run:
Notify (device): "Garage is open when mode changed to X"

Note that I've made this do only exactly what you specified, notifying you if the garage door is open at the exact time when the mode changes to that specific mode. If you want something else, like being notified any time the garage door becomes open during that mode or both if it is open at that time or becomes open during that time, you can do that, too--you'll just have to be specific about what you tell Rule Machine to do (or someone to help with :smiley: ).

Some of this would also be do-able with the built-in Notifications app, but I don't think there's a way to do the exact thing I mentioned above using only that app (unless your garage door also reports some attribute that would be usable as a restriction), and this gives you more flexibility at the expense of being a bit harder to set up originally (given the inherent complexity of RM).

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Its even easier using Basic Rules. :wink:

arghh Basic Rules, Simple Automation and Rule Machine....
i would like to be notified some how.. text, email, smoke signal but right now i just have it turn on a light that should be off

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If I understand it, you want to be notified if Mode becomes Bed Time and the Garage door is open, you want to be notified? Why not just close the garage door when Mode becomes Bed Time?

that is an option but not what I was hoping to do.

however, i have just gone ahead and implemented it as you suggested for now.


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