Basic Rule not turning off the light

I created this Basic Rule the other day, been working fine until today. the light came on at 9:43am and never shut off, even though we have been in/out several times

Motion detector seems to be working fine, battery at 87%

Confirmed the system is in home mode
Nothing at all in the log until I went in and selected done to get out just a few mins ago

I don't see anything in that setup that should be problematic. I see you habe logging enabled, so looking there to see if you find anything suspicious would be a good place to start, as would hitting "Done" in the rule to re-initialize things (just not during that wait, probably), which it looks like you've done now too.

Can I assume your light responds to "on" and "off" commands as expected? That seems like the most likely non-app problem if your sensor is working correctly (can't see from that particular screenshot, but if you still have events from 9:43-ish AM, you can verify it stayed inactive for at least one minute). But I suspect you'll get better clues from logs if this doesn't work next time.

The rule looks fine to me but I did notice the Illuminance setting is set to Living Room Motion equal or lower to 75.

Did you mean to set it to the Living Room Motion sensor?

Thank you for the replies, yes logging is enabled and nothing was logged all day, no motion.... nothing

I have always used the illuminance of the living room motion sensor, this way I don't need to buy and install throughout the house. It's not perfect since I'm not reading the level in the area where the light is but it works very well

I'm having similar issues with basic rules.

They'll work for about a week, then go off the rails.

I deleted mine and recreated them with a new name.
Worked for about a week, now messed up again.

Bummer, I had another not turn off a light last night :frowning:

Just found another basic rule that isn't logging anything at all and didn't turn off the light

Somethings not right in river city

@bobbyD any chance you can have a look and see what might be going on? This time it's the Master Bathroom - Day rule

Another basic rule last night failed to log anything or turn off a light... that now means that 4 of my 8 basic rules have failed

Sure glad I didn't delete any of my simple automations, guess I'm going back until HE finds/fixes the issue

I sent some info in to their support e-mail.

Going into the basic rule and pressing Done seems to reset it, but you lose any scheduled jobs for the day.

In my case I could replace the basic rules with simple automation, but I'd need multiple simple ones to accomplish what my basic rules do.

@bravenel Any update on this issue? I don't see anything in the release notes that might have addressed this

My support ticket from 3 weeks ago hasn't been answered other than to say it was moved to dev, guess I'll follow up to that as well

Are you using any WAIT that depends on a specific time of day?

I changed my rules to wait X minutes instead.
I've not had any further issues since making that change.

No not at all, the first basic rule is in the first post, doesn't get any simpler than that

Every basic rule I created since has failed so I disabled all of them for now

My support ticket was turned over to dev and I haven't heard anything since

Support told me if the developers find anything, it will be in the next update, haven't seen anything so far

I decided to try them again and within 48 hours, another basic rule failed to turn off the light

Well some of my basic rules continue to fail, seems like it's ones that have restrictions... ones that are based on motion starting/stopping seem to be good, ones based on say illuminance seem to fail pretty regularly...

@bravenel any progress on this?

I will investigate. It will be next week before I can get back to you... I'm not aware of an issue with this, but that doesn't mean there isn't one.

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@bravenel any update on this as I still have issues even after the latest .138 hot fix

As far as I know, there is no bug with this. I tested something similar yesterday. Please turn on logging, and post the logs for the Basic Rule when it runs and fails to turn off the light.

@bravenel things ran great yesterday and today until 3:15, no log entries after that and the motion that triggers the rule has been triggered many times since then

Let me know if you need anything further

I have a rule almost identical to this (except without the mode and illuminance restrictions you have) that has been running without issue for quite some time..

Have you checked if/when mode changes or illuminance changes are happening?

@bravenel Is basic rules expected to cancel waits if the state of restrictions changes? (The Basic Rules documentation is not very clear on this and nothing about restrictions mentioned in the wait description.)

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