Basic Rule New Features in 2.2.7

Basic Rule 1.0 has a few new features in the 2.2.7 release. These include the following:

  • Triggers from locks being locked or unlocked.
  • Multiple button devices as trigger, where the same button from any of the devices will trigger the rule.
  • Allow durations to be specified with minutes and seconds, instead of just minutes.
  • Added "Or Until" option. This allows multiple events to be waited for simultaneously. When this is used, whichever event happens first will end the wait. Or Until is offered as an option following a Wait Until. Note that if there are two Wait Until actions in a row, the app will Wait for the first one, and then proceed to the second one. However, if Or Until follows a Wait Until, the Wait Until and all following Or Until actions will wait simultaneously.
  • Added "Elapsed Time" option for Wait Until and Or Until. This can be used as a timeout for a Wait Until if added as a following Or Until.