Basic Rule - Multiple ResumeX events scheduled for same time period

Based on the advice received in one of my other posts, I happened to be looking at the scheduled events on my Aquarium rule and I noticed something that seems out of place to me.

For the Aquarium rule, I have it set to turn on/off three separate Ikea Tradfri outlet devices scattered throughout the house.

Based on there being three outlets, I could see three jobs scheduled, one for each outlet.
For this afternoon's 3:00 PM "on" event, there are 15 resumeX events scheduled.
For this evening's 9:00 PM "off" event, there are currently 20 resumeX events scheduled.

For the problematic Office rule from another support topic, I see 28 resumeX events scheduled for this afternoon.

I'm wondering if all these extra events are behind the issues I've been having.

Anyone else see similar multiple events?

I may see if I can recreate these rules over to the Simple Automation Rules module and see how they react.
Edit: Nope - Simple Automation Rules doesn't support the multi-step process I need.

Can you post the full rule?

Here's the rule.


Due to another issue I was having with a different rule, I did the same with this rule.

I deleted the rule and created it from scratch last week.

Seemed to be working fine, but today when 3:00 PM came around, my aquariums turned on, immediately turned off, then on again.

That told me that the multiple jobs were back.

Checked the Rule and there's at least 7 screens (phone) of ResumeX entries.