Basic rule freaking out

I have created a basic rule that turns on a light, at different dim levels, and changes the dim level at different times.
Here is a capture of the rule:

and here is the log of what is happening which is VERY strange:

It appears that the time is not being followed and there are multiple entries for some reason.
I am going to convert to a rule machine rule, but this should be simple for Basic rules.

What level of firmware are you on?
Apparently there were some major changes to Basic Rules in the last update...

Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version
on a C-7

Were the major changes affecting mode changes?

Anyone have any ideas?

Maybe try recreating the rule? Maybe something got corrupted? If you can make it do this even with a new rewrite of this same rule, I would summon Bruce to this thread to take a look at it. He probably will want screenshots of what is in the gear menu in addition to what you provided above.

I will rewrite the rule and see what happens.
Only thing is that this is not the only rule that gives me these strange entries in the log.
I have a couple of others that are similar, but not the same, that give me the multiple entries randomly, and it is almost like after a certain time "wait", the rule keeps trying and sometimes succeeds and continues with the rule BEFORE the next time.
Really strange!

To expand....
when the rule "succeeds" rather than honor the "wait until time", sometimes the last step, say at sunrise, is to turn the lights off, and I find the lights that should be on but dimmed are actually off and the log shows it.

The other thing I might suggest is to break it into smaller rules. Maybe only do one change, or one wait instead of a series of things, and see if that breaks down like the longer rule does. That might help to isolate what is going on.

Yes, I am going to try that first and just disable the current rule.
I was starting to do that and other things got in the way, but this might be the next step to try.

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It just seems odd that using waits in a basic rule doesn't seem to work reliably and the waits cause a loop to get triggered (I guess).
I created separate basic rules that trigger at different times to set the level/off of the dining room table light, without any "wait until"s. as these seem to be where the problem starts.
I will keep an eye on this one.

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If this is able to be duplicated, and other rules without waits work, it could be a bug that Bruce should look into.

Here is another basic rule that freaks out and doesn't stop at the wait.
Here is the log:

and the rule:

I purposefully made the last time wait to before midnight before the sunrise wait thinking that there was a confusion with waiting 15 minutes after midnight. I know that X10 had that problem, but I didn't think Hubitat did....

Guess everybody is busy with rule machine.... oh well.

Or, you know, maybe it was a holiday weekend in the US and there weren't as many people watching the forums? Maybe give it a day or two?

I would agree that on the surface it looks like a bug. That said, I never use waits, so I could be wrong.


So did you recreate the rule? Did that work any differently?

Did you break this into smaller rules, did that act the same as the longer rule?

Any other troubleshooting steps you tried, maybe with a virtual switch instead of a physical one, or changing the waits to 5 minute intervals to see what exactly is causing this issue?

Well my first post of this problem was on May 25, so I have given it a "day or two"....

I haven't been able to take these steps as I am dealing with the death of my Father, and that has taken all my time up.
As soon as I do get some time, i will try this...
Just frustrating that these doesn't seem to be an answer, yet, as to why the multiple entries in the log, and what could be causing these.
There are two different basic rules that are doing this also.
The first one I posted, and the one that I recently posted.. two different rules.
What I am trying to determine is do the waits for different times cause a "looping" that runs and finally quits, and continues to the next step that it shouldn't do.

Sorry for your loss. :frowning:

Thank you...

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