Basic rule app

For some reason the box to add speak text collapsed. Any way to restore?

Doesn't the little "grabber" in the bottom right of the text box let you resize it? (This is a browser feature, not a Hubitat feature, and I don't know Android, which it looks like you're using, but it's common on modern desktop browsers.)

That being said, if it always comes up like this, I'm not sure why, and perhaps that could be looked into.

No the grabber does not resize on Android. When I added the text it was using Android and the box was normal size. Not sure what happened.

Honestly I couldn't setup rules on a phone... I need a PC to do it...

@gopher.ny any advice on @junk7001 's problem?

That's strange. I just added to the text announcement yesterday, and used my phone. Oh well I guess I'll use my PC.
Thanks for your help

Much easier to use a full size keyboard :slight_smile:

Which device and browser is it happening on?
Not promising a quick fix since there's a workaround, but it will be on the list.

Unable to replicate on Samsung S21 running Chrome, current version.

Android phone using chrome or opera

Which phone, what OS version (Android derivative name and version)?

Moto power g 2021