Basic query on Separating Lighting and Zigbee Device Meshes

So I have a Philips Hue Hub and some Philips Hue Bulbs with some Zigbee bulbs from Innr on the way.

What I am trying to avoid is my bulbs acting as repeaters and causing reliability issues.

Separately I’ll have some Smarthings sensors and outlets on the HE network.

If I wish to have a sensor event trigger a Hue bulb, how is it done if they are on separate meshes?

Sorry this really shows my lack of knowledge but I’m learning ( slowly)

HUB.. the hub does the work of combining the disparate networks into one Home Automation system.

You can have quite a few Zigbee or ZWave meshes in your home. Each are independent and need to have their own set of repeating devices to make each mesh reliable. The Hub would be aware of those meshes and is quite able to combine them. In fact, if you have a mixed Zigbee and ZWave system, looking at the list of devices you can see they are already combined into a single list. :smiley:

Adding another Zigbee mesh via the Hue bridge is the same, the devices will just show up in the list(s). When it's time to create an automation.. such as a door sensor causing a set of lights to go On. It doesn't matter which mesh is used, the Hub takes care of that, you just pick devices from the long list. :smiley:


Thanks. I had read other threads where someone had some xaomi switches on xaomi hub/ mesh but they were trying to work out a method for the HE to see the xaomi switches.

Is this situation different?

That's a hub that not support so they will be trying to get the hubs connected then inturn the devices.
With hue there is a HE app that you load up and it connects your hubs (BTW you need to really reserve your IP of you hub and hue hub for anything like this) once the hubs are connected, all the devices will appear as if they are on one hub.

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Thanks for breaking this down for me Borris. Sincerely appreciated. Now I get it!