Basic If Cond AND Cond Rule help

Hi All,

I'm struggling creating this very basic rule in rule machine 4, please could anyone point me in the right direction...

If GardenDoor_Contact changes to opened AND Alarm_Contact is Open
Turn GardenCameraSwitch Off

Thanks in advance!


Is this the sort of thing you are after?
First define your triggers.
Then in the actions select conditional actions.
Now select IF - THEN.
Select your first and second contact sensors with an OR statement between them.
Now select your switch.
Finish it off withe a conditional action of END - IF.


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All up and running ! Thanks for that!

Phew. That's a bit of luck. :smile:


Actually, that isn't correct. That will also turn off the Garden Camera Switch if the Alarm contact changes also. If you want the trigger only off of The GardenDoor opening , then that would be your trigger.

Trigger: GardenDoor Open

If Alarm Contact open the off Garden Cam

I'm not sure that's really what you want though. If the Garden Door is open and the Alarm contact opens, do you want the switch to turn off also? The real question is, what are your requirements? Because that doesn't match what you wrote.