Basic example of Rule the repeats

I'm trying to understand cancelable and getting devices to handle commands without failure.
Can someone post an example of a generic RM 5.1 that shows how?

I have a motion sensor in the bedroom. When I walk in, the lights go on. I quickly get into bed and tell Alexa 'Good night'. A virtual switch throws setting my into Sleep mode, and turns all lights in the house off. Except the bedroom light doesn't go off. If I repeat the command 'Alexa, Good night' - all the lights go off including the bedroom.
I changed my 'wait' commands to delays, added 'cancelable'. I added a 'cancel this rule' as the first line of the rule. Not sure what I'm missing!

Iโ€™m having trouble understanding what youโ€™re asking.

Please post a screenshot of the rule.

Here's the bathroom - it's very similar but a tad more steps than Kitchen or Bedroom.


Realize that this is constantly retriggering while the delay is active and motion is going active/inactive/active.