Basic Button Controller - Raise Lvl by %?

I'm trying to use a 5 button Pico to control a light. I don't see any way to raise the light level by a percentage when pressing a button? Just set level.

Looking to have the light raise/lower 10% by pressing the arrow keys.

@bravenel , could this please be added?


I have the Adjust command available in the Button Controller app. Is it not available in the Basic version of the app?

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Looks like I got bit by the 'multiple built in apps that do practically the same thing' bug! Would still like to see it added to the Basic version since the non-basic version takes too many clicks to get the same thing done.

In my (probably wrong) opinion, only one Basic Button Controller would be necessary and for anything that needs more power (like conditions) there's always Rule Machine.

Time for more coffee! :coffee: :coffee:

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Such as, raising / lowering by 10%. At what point does adding features to Basic something mean that it's no longer Basic?

Basic Rule and Basic Button Controller share the same innards, as do Rule and Button Controller. Plus, you can import any Basic Rule or Basic Button Controller into RM to add something to it, without having to recreate it.

Ergo ==> no new features planned for Basic Rule or Basic Button Controller.