Baseboard heater controls

Hi all, I'm looking for ideas to enable control of my baseboard heaters without running a bunch of new wiring. Currently I have 1 room at a far end of my house that has 2 auxiliary baseboard heaters to keep it warm. They're manually controlled with these dials:

I've seen some z-wave systems but they all involve putting a separate connected thermostat on the wall. I could accomplish what I'm trying to do by only changing the dials and using a temperature sensor in the room, and skip running any new wire. What kind of control would be recommended for a dial like this?


How many amps are the switches subject to?

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Good question. The breakers are 30 each, so... Less than that. :blush:

Assuming 110v?

240v 1250W. Each. :flushed:

Well.... that makes things a little more interesting...

Maybe this: