Barking Dogs Sounds Under Hubitat Elevation

Before I moved to Hubitat I had a fully functional Smartthings setup. One thing Smartthings had that I can't find in Hubitat is a really authentic and ferocious dogs sound. In Smartthings I created a "notification" that, when a motion sensor was tripped, it would cause a really great barking dogs sound to come out of whichever Sonos speaker I had selected. So I could play it in the Foyer if the motion sensor on the porch or in the foyer was tripped, or in the back patio speakers if the patio motion sensors were tripped. I can't find any good dog sounds built in to the Hubitat environment. Any thoughts?

I do this, when my alarm is on, and my front or back door cameras sense motion. (Will also happen if the doorbell is rung when nobody is home). I simply have my stereo system play an mp3 file of an angry dog. It sounds authentic. I use the squeezebox integration, but I am sure Sonos is no different. Fairly straightforward to setup. Lots of ferocious dog mp3 files on the internet.


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Looks like I have some relearning to do. It's not clear to me what the equivalent in Sonos is to "playSong('Dog Barking') on Foyer Speaker". Maybe I should get to work figuring this out, or look into the Squeezebox integration.

I use Echo Speaks to send the following to my Amazon devices:

playSoundByName('dog_bark') on Echo - Papa Kitchen

I dislike using Sonos for playing sounds as it disrupts the currently playing queue.

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This is my Barking Dog rule in Rule Machine.
This rule gets called from other rules when ever I need the dog to bark.

It uses an MP3 file downloaded and stored locally on my hub's local files directory.


I do the same with Echo speaks and a Spotify track of barking dogs:


When I used to do it with SmartThings, it would resume the original volume and queue with no problem. Of course I can't speak of what Hubitat does yet.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll try to carry on from here. So many things I have never done or tried to do yet. Like storing a local file on the hub. Or pointing to a file on my NAS or PC. And messing with the minor programming aspects available. Hope my old brain can remember my earlier IT days.

Restoring the volume and the queue is not a problem with the squeezebox integration. I don't know if it is the same on Sonos. Having said this, it is possible because the community driver for the squeezebox has these features. Also note that although the driver has this capability it is not "plug and play", the logic still needs to be figured out in Rule Machine.

That is the Great and Bad thing about HE. It can do so much more than any other platform, but the ability to do so much more requires the user to often come up with the Rule and its associated logic, kind of a double edged sword.

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I downloaded the original dog barking which is used by Smartthings, uploaded to the Hubitat hub and am using it now with my new environment. Works like a charme.

How and from where did you download the SmartThings dog barking notification? More detail please.

I found it in the Smartthings Forum. I can send you the link via PM or google for "smartthings forum dog barking sound".

I missed it at hubitat and it sounds identical.

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I just wanted to thank you for that suggestion!
I never knew how to get a dog barking noise to be played on my echo dot's.
This is a great tool to be used when HSM triggers "Intrusion".

Thanks for the tip.

Or: Right click. Save link as...
Edit: :frowning_face: that didn't work
Had to open it and then download manually. :man_shrugging:

Wasn't sure if links are allowed.

Thought I was all alone of this feature