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Ever since watching Ferris Bueller's Day off (the doorbell scene), I've had visions of having the barking dog sound after a trigger of some sort....senor/switch/etc.

Does anyone know of a "How-To" guide floating around using HE Rule Machine and Google Home orrrrrr, what tools are needed?

I saw a member had used a special command [link] within RM but I'm not sure how that was implemented; I'm still on the front side of the learning curve.

Any links or info would be much appreciated. :))

Hello, and welcome.
Do you have an actual doorbell or something else?

Hey @Rxich ... thanks!

Yes, I have a Ring for the doorbell. But, I also have Dome motion and door/window sensors along with Zooz 4-in-1 sensors.

I found this thread and I've just started digesting it.

Something like this will work.

You can use sounds form here without having to host them locally if you don't have anything set up to do that.

hmmm, thanks @at9. Which "Select Actions to Run" option are you choosing to get a "playTrack" option?

In #3 of my image below, I don't see any option to run a playTrack action.

Choose "Run Custom Action". Then pick the device (speaker) you have that supports the playTrack action.

You need to fill it in like this.

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You just rocked my world @at9. Worked like a charm.

Cool, thanks. From what I see, here's the flow. Select: Set Mode or Variables, Run Custom Action > Run Custom Action > Speech Device > Device (mySpeaker) > playTrack

This is awesome.

Now to stop the action when motion stops! ::working on it::

Here's my rule thus far:

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Here's mine. I have a motion sensor outdoors (Xiaomi, directly connected to my hub, under our porch so it's kept dry) and I have a Google Mini randomly play from a collection of sound snippets hosted on a Raspberry Pi. It works perfectly. First I have a chime played on the Aeotec Siren/Chime 6, and the kitchen lights come on if it's evening or night, followed by different randomly chosen dogs, coyotes howling, or a sound called "zombies eating a brain" or suchlike, which is a whole barrel of laughs :rofl:

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