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Hi, I think this is a shot in the dark but is there any way of identifying bank holidays and then passing them into a variable. In short I want a rule to trigger at certain times Monday-Friday, different sizes Saturday-Sunday. However if it's a bank holiday, the. I want my rule to trigger the same as a Saturday/Sunday?

Is there an easy way to observe the UK calendar?

Appreciate any help in advance :crossed_fingers:

How bout dis?

That's impressive thanks.
I wonder if the bugs have been resolved which folks have reported :thinking:

I achieve this with Google Calendar and the app below. I have several trigger words such as Holiday, Day Off, ADO. If the next day has any events with any of these words it flips a virtual switch in Hubitat.


As @Grizzlebeard mentions the Google Calendar search app I maintain should solve the use case. Here in the US there is a an additional “Holidays in the US” calendar we have access to in our Google Calendars that I use for automation for mailbox alerts and trash collection reminders. I would expect that there is a similar calendar for UK holidays and hopefully the bank holidays are there. See the screenshot in the first post that provides an example of how I search the holiday calendar for all the mail holidays.


Awesome, I'm gonna give it a go now!

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It sounds like you may have a solution. I’ll also be checking out the Google app to see how I might be able to tie it into automations. It looks like a useful app.

On a side note I ended up writing a simple app that manages holidays for me. This is mainly to manage my exterior lights. I use them as night lights, security lights, and holiday lights. For the holiday lights the program often sets things for more than one day around the holiday. Instead of trying to track this in a calendar I decided to do it programmatically.

For example I can set the lights for several days leading up to the 4th of July. Some holidays like Labor Day required a bit more math since I needed to identify the first Monday of September.

Not really a solution for your needs but just demonstrating how a quick program can solve some fun problems.

Know you mentioned you will look into the Google Search app but letting you know your use case is covered. All the holidays you mention are in the US Holidays calendar and then with searching you can set the range so you can automate lights leading up to the 4th:

Interesting. My code predates your app and has served its purpose. Recently I’ve been updating my interior lighting routines. Your app would be great for setting holiday schedules when I get to that part.

My interior lights are hands off. I’ll be adding holiday and weekend routines. The Google calendar will be helpful.

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