BacNet Protocol

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Anyone know about BACNet? How can Hubitat control BACNet?
I have an LG Smart V which uses BACNet Protocol to control it

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Just making sure ... should that read "LG Smart TV"?

I only know about BACnet from building automation systems. I would expect it to be on HVAC more so than TV. What model? And how committed are you to making this work? Converting protocols would likely involve some intermediate steps.

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There is no official integration that I'm aware of. A while back, I did see where one of the HVAC companies had a BACNet wifi gateway with a partial API for their equipment - can't recall who it was though.

LG Smart V or we can read LG Smart 5, only for HVAC.

I once used a hardware gateway to translate protocols for a project. At that time it was a Johnson Controls N2 to BacNET IP. They claim to support over 150 protocols... maybe one of them has a hubitat integration.

EDIT: I just looked up the price... looks like $1,200 for the device. Probably not practical for most home users. But maybe the idea still has merit?

My recollection is that getting BACnet certification was somewhere in the tens of thousands of dollars (excluding development and production costs). So, I would expect most commercial solutions to be pricey. One company that I was with debated skipping certification and just claiming that we support the protocol.