BACnet integration

Has anyone integrated BACnet or Modbus with Hubitat? I have a boiler control which I can control via either and would love in integrate with Hubitat. Thanks all!

+1 Bacnet is everywhere on the commercial side and Modbus on the industrial side.

It would open up a lot of possibilities for home automation

For modbus of RS485 it is possible to do using Tasmota on a ESP8266 device, but it would still need customization on the driver side. It could also possibly be done using Hubduino, @ogiewon can answer if that assumption is correct. There are libraries for Arduino. These approaches require writing/modifying drivers for using on HE. It IS possible.

There might also exist some other Ethernet/Wifi to modbus bridges which could be used with a custom driver. I have some modbus power meters I'd like to integrate some day when I get the urge, I will do that using Tasmota, might not be the easiest route. In fact, it is probably almost guaranteed NOT the easiest route.

Another solution might be using Node Red, there is a Community integration for Node Red.

Here's a Modbus to Ethernet device mentioned:

Hope you find a route that will work for you. If you go the Tasmota route, look me up and I'll try to help out.

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I have a lot of modbus devices and started here to integrate them with Hubitat.

I'm testing now MQTT from @kevin to integrate data from my plc's.

Node-red for hubitat could be a good one too.

I mainly use Johnson Controls PLCs. I can use Bacnet (MS/TP or B/IP) natively but Modbus requires another gateway. If I could find a way to talk to it, that would be great.

you could install the bacnet contrib. Less complete than modbus, but worth a try

Woah, I didn't know this existed ! Thank-you ! Now I need to take the plunge into Node-Red :flushed:

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