I have now a large amount of devices and of cause rules e.t.c. which leads to a back up solution.
The one provided by HE, explicit mentions zwave devices to be include in the back-up, but what about Zigbee, will thay be a part of the back-up as well?

I can not find any information.
BTW what a great system!!,

There are two backups, so you need to be specific about which one you are talking about.

There is the backup in the hub Settings menu, and the paid Hub Protect service. They have different functionalities. Which one are you asking about?

Sorry I missed that
I think that it is the payed one I would need, due to the fact, that only very little comes for freeπŸ˜ƒ
But of cause, if there are a free option it would be nice, that said, it takes money to maintain a system, so from that point of wiev I will be happy to pay for it, so we can have HE in the future


I havnt had to use it but 30 bucks a year or whatever it was is worth it to me for piece of mind



The "free" backup does the following:

Full backup of the database, including apps, custom apps, and custom drivers.
This backup can used to "recover" your Hubitat after a soft-reset, which does not reset the radios. If this backup is restored on to a new Hubitat, you will have to factory reset all zigbee/z-wave devices and re-pair them. Zigbee devices will pair back using their original names and device-ids. Z-wave devices will pair with new device-ids and names. So all of your automations will have to be edited so the the appropriate (new) z-wave device is used in them.

The paid backup (Hub Protect service) is a warranty service for your Hubitat. If your hub breaks down for any reason, Hubitat will ship you a new hub with all your z-wave devices already paired. Zigbee devices will have to be factory reset and re-paired, but will pair back with their original names and device-ids.

I subscribe to Hub Protect Service. Like @waffles, I think it is worth the peace of mind. And, to be honest, I used it to migrate my z-wave devices from a C-5 to a C-7, which worked very well for me.


Thanks for your time everybody.
I will use the paid version, I just needed some clarification


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