Backup Internet via Tablet?

Was looking at getting a tablet to use a Hubitat Dashboard as I use it for security. Is there a possible setup that if I get a cheap data plan on said tablet that the Hubitat could use it to relay messages if the Internet coming into it via ethernet is down?

Install HAproxy on an rpi. So the proxy that would be your default gateway. So You would set your primary internet connection as the primary route and then set the tablet as the failover route (the proxy will automatically fail over on detected down)

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I actually thought of a genius (TBD) method of doing this. A sim card in tablet with at least 500MB/data month, and Hotspot capability. Then use a supported Wi-Fi Dongle via OTG (I saw a post on here says which ones are supported). Connect Hubitat to Wi-Fi hotspot on tablet, connect tablet also to Ethernet via USB-C. This should allow the tablet to go into 4g data mode when ethernet goes down (theoretically) .

Problems I could foresee with this idea:
Will the tablet use ethernet priority and bypass the SIM card unless Ethernet is not available
Will the tablet switch to 4g quick enough for mission critical activities such as HSM monitoring
Will the 4G latency/coverage be an issue

If it works well it would be a lovely method of keeping HSM monitoring up 24x7. Of course the Hubitat hub would need to be on a UPS as well.

What do you think?

Iā€™d suggest looking into a router with dual WAN and a built-in failover function. Probably a pricier option, but more likely to work as intended.

How often does your home internet go down?

Not often but its the thought of it going down when it's the most needed. Dual WAN ports would be ok, but certainly my #2 option would be a cellular based system that is more likely to stay connected when power goes out.

OT but the first thing I thought of when I saw the title