Backup cloud Z-wave failure

On a C8, platform version

and have been getting consistent errors for Zwave backups. This happens pretty much every time:


What should I do?

PM your hub's UID to @support_team - that will allow them to check your enginerring logs for potential issues.

Do you experience any issues w/hub operation, or just the error messages/failed backups?

Other than sending your UID, there isn't much you can do other than:

  • If the failure causes functional problems w/the hub either set the timed backup time to a time when you're around so you can check the hub and restart if needed, or turn off timed backups and try running backups manually only when you've made changes where you need a backup

We have identified several issues with the Z-Wave backup that have been fixed in the next release. It shouldn't be long before the next update is released, assuming everything in beta goes well.


Thanks guys. I'm having no problems - the hub seems to function perfectly well. I was just worried about the backup error. I will send my UID as suggested in case it helps them troubleshoot.

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