Background location on IOS

I keep getting the message about “your application is not set to allow background location information. Geofence will not be available when the app is not in the foreground”. I get what it’s saying. The GPS settings are set to allow it—- what might I be missing? I know it’s probably something I’m overlooking. Are there 2 places??

Settings, General, Background App Refresh


Settings, Privacy, Location Services

Make sure the Hubitat mobile app is enabled in both areas.

I think that first one was it. Thanks!

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In related news, I wish the app didn't totally fail if you enable "only while using this app" (or, gasp, nothing at all) for location services. On my iPad, I really only want it for notifications and maybe easy access to Dashboard. I don't want presence or the presumed battery consumption that comes along with enabling that for no reason. [EDIT: There is! See below.]

No, I've never formally requested this, and maybe my experience is a fluke. But to bring it back to this topic, I had to perform the above steps (or at least the location one) to get it to open at all. I do understand some users might do this without forethought and get stuck with a non-functional presence sensor, but that's more or less a desired side effect in my case. :slight_smile:

I sure appreciated the message. An option to turn off geofencing I guess would be a good thing in your scenario. Turning off geofencing would then in turn, turn off the complaint there.

If you turn off geofencing in the app, does this accomplish the same thing?

That works--thank you! (I swear I tried that, but I probably forgot that it existed when I reinstalled the app once to solve a login/device-selection problem; might be nice if it disabled that for you when you choose "incompatible" geolocation settings rather than causing the app to not work at all.)

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