Back up notifications method?

I have a concept idea of being able to get notifications remotely from the hub even when the internet connection is down. However, I don't know if it's doable. Using an old cellphone that has basic activation and is connected to the local network. Basically using it to convert and forward notifications. Has anyone else done something like this? Is it even possible?

You mean the hub would be configured to send some kind of local notification to the mobile phone, which would then pretty much relay the notification with its connection to the cell network to you remotely?

I would say yes it’s possible. Not simple to setup, most likely, and wouldn’t be entirely self-contained within Hubitat (i.e. you’ll need something like tasker running on an android phone, and another cloud-based notification service that’s independent of Hubitat).

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Actually there are SMS relays you can load on a android phone.

The Android server i tried exposed a HTML page. All you would need to do is then create a http post command with the parameters to send out the message with SMS. I will see if i can find it again


So i have spent sone time this morning trying to replicate what i had done years ago and this is what i have found.

  1. There are a few apps in the Play store labled as SMS Gateways. This is basically what is needed.
  2. Most of them at this point are probably fake.
  3. One of the developers indicated that a policy change at google made it against the rules to publish this kind of app in the playstore.
  4. The one I had used previously was called "Servers Ultimate Pro". It is still avaliable, but i was unable to get it to work on my Note 10 +. The last time i tried this was on Galaxy Note 3. You may have success with a older phone. I dont have any to try. An old phone would probably be best for this actually anyways.

I have no doubt the concept is viable. I have done this in the past in a POC. Just not sure how to do it right now.

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Sounds like a good project to tinker with then.