Back-Integration, controlling Hubitat devices from SmartThings?

Hi, I know I might draw fire here :slight_smile:
I really want to get Hubitat into my home automation ecosystem. The issue is: I got a home from a builder two years ago with many WiFi-based devices (5 switches, 6-7 outlets, etc.) and over time I added a few SmartThings buttons, SmartThings motion sensors, etc.

Changing all devices to Z-wave / Zigbee is a significant investment. I can do that over time...

In the meantime, I am operating my home via WebCore (SmartThings) so my question: Can I "back-integrate" Hubitat into ST so as I get more Z-wave/Zigbee, I will control the new Hubitat devices through WebCore and over time slowly move the majority of the control into Hubitat?

Yes you can, I used HubConnect

Thanks @vjv , I will look for that.

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Hub connect is a great piece of software but i would caution about this be much of a long term solution. Smartthings has stated the existing Smartthings IDE is planned to be phased out by the end of the year. When that happens Hubconnect will stop working.

If you need a longer term solution you may want to look at Samsung Automation Studio on Node-Red. The Samsung Automation studio pallet is supported by Smartthings and uses their new API. You can use it with Hubitat to pool Smartthings for device updates in Smartthings to update on virtual devices on your Hubitat hub and also send commands to decices in Smartthings based on events in Hubitat.

I use this solution with Arlo cameras and it works great. I also won't hesitate to use it for devices that dont have a native integration. I wrote a tutorial in a thread about Samsung Automation Studio about how to set it up on a RPi4. You may want to do a brief search qnd look it over.

Thanks @mavrrick58 , I see the GitHub, any reference to that tutorial by any chance? (quite a few links came on a google search...)

Here is the link to the tutorial. If you run into issues or anything feel free to post in that thread and i will help as much as i can.

Thanks, I think the link didn't go through..

Yea after i clicked on reply i realized my phone put the wrong link it. Fixed it now.

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Can you elaborate on your arlo situation?
I'm using hubconnect to turn off/on my arlo cams (using webcore pistons).
Everything else is moved off my ST hub and the only thing holding me back from powering it off is being able to turn my arlo cams on & off.
Would the node red solution allow me to ditch the ST hub?

The short answer is yes, but that has nothing to do with Samsung Automation Studio.

Arlo is a cloud integration and does not depend on a hub to work. You would still leave arlo integrated to ST. Then Node-Red with Samsung Automation studio will talk to the ST Cloud via the new Smartthings API. Hub has no part in it . I created a virtual driver that basically keeps track of events passed from Smartthings. Flows in Node red are setup for event based motion triggers from Smartthings and the rest of the stuff polls fairly frequently. Then another flow thay triggers actions in Smartthings when the virtual device is changed in hubitat.

Basically in this setup Smartthings is simply being a cloud aggregator for Hubitat. This concept could be used for any device that Smartthings uses that Hubitat doesn't have support. The fact that Hubitat has a great selection of virtual drivers makes this pretty easy.

The only problem with this design is that if you need to get devices back in Smartthings you are kind of screwed if it isn't a switch. Well atleast once the Groovey IDE is fully phased out.

With all that said you can be hubless now if you just adjust hubconnect to work in a hubless mode as well.

Here is the thread it has beed discussed. If you are interested I will share my flows.

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As mentioned, ST is set to shut down Groovy and IDE at the end of this year. In addition to HubConnect, webCoRE on the ST platform will most likely cease to function.

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Good day, has anyone else experienced Hubconnect being offline? I have tried to reconnect and it lasts for about a minute and then goes off line again.
not sure where to start on this, reloaded the app on ST, no luck. I only use ST for a few items I havent been able to port over.
Any assistance would be appreciated.
Thank you

HC is still up and running for me…

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I have seen threads post about it happening to some, but not others. Seems to be kind of sporadic who is getting hit by it.

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