Back in the saddle again - same C-3

Just wanted to share my experience with Hubitat...

I was an early adopter and purchased a C-3 because Smart Things just wasn't cutting it for me. I gave Hubitat the ol college try, but could not get Alexa to find my devices. As many of you know, this was a huge issue in my house. All of the Hubitat guys went way out of their way to help me but it just wasn't in the cards.

Fast forward 5 years - still sick of Smartthings, I saw that Hubitat had Homekit in Beta, a Konnected integration, and Action Tiles to boot. So, I thought, let's give it another try and I pulled the ol C-3 out of the closet. This time around, EVERYTHING has worked!

I almost bought the C-8 out of impulse, but thought, everything is working on the ol C-3 so I must not need the extras (although I really do WANT the C-8, I don't NEED it!) Sounds like something I'd tell my kids - haha..

I don't have a huge system but currently using Homekit, the Ring integration, Actiontiles. I had Konnected running as well, but since it doesn't expose well into Homekit, I purchased a Ring retrofit kit and going that route. Couldn't be happier with Hubitat as a key piece of my system.

Anyway, thanks for reading and Kudos to the Hubitat team for sticking with this idea they had. I can't wait to see what happens in the next 5 years!



oo.. Those are nice , but… I don’t think it will include on C-3.. Most ring devices refuse to connect without S2 encryption which is on C-7 and C-8.

I'm using Homebridge to get the Ring devices into Homekit. Using the Ring app for Hubitat to get the devices on my Actiontiles dashboard... works great!

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