Away mode

so i am trying to setup a presence of wifi which is working but since sometimes like the phones go offline of wifi for a few minutes it is activating the away mode even when we are home. so i am trying to setup a presence rule that if both phones are off the wifi for 3 minutes then set the away mode, and that will activate the HSM... i just need to know if my rules are setup correctly...

as an update. i dont know if this affects....


Have you looked into using something like Combined Presence to make your presence detection much more robust?

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Agree with aaiyar, start with that presence combiner. You can then use that combined presence virtual device it creates in a rule or in Mode Manager.

Most of us use 2 or more presence devices to get a better idea if we are actually home. Like you note, many phones seem to put the Wifi to sleep to save battery and then it appears you have left home. I use phone wifi, hubitat app, and Smartthings presence fobs. Between these 3 devices (and the combiner app) my stuff is VERY reliable.

Others use Life 360, Owntracks, and other ways to detect location, often in combination with Wifi or other methods. So there are many options here.

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great! thanks both, ill take a look at that option and let you know how it goes... thanks!

Hi, bothering here. I am really struggling with this. I have the combined presence but really dont understand it nor have any idea on how to use it with my problem... would you be nice and help me?

So you install the combined presence app. You pick two ways to combine presence. Without knowing what presence methods/devices you want to use, it is hard to make an exact recommendation.

But generally speaking, you would go into that app, "Add a new Standard Combiner". From there, you would usually pick a GPS device (presumably your phone) and a wifi device (also could be the same phone). Repeat that for all family members, each get their own Standard Combiner. So the idea of this app is that your phone would have to drop BOTH the wifi connection, AND GPS connection before it marked you as away. Or if EITHER one of those IS present you are home.

Then you can go a step further and combine the combined presence. "Add a new Boolean-OR Combiner" option in that app. In other words, you would take your combined presence, your family member's presence, and determine if anyone is home or both are away.

The app does most of the work for you, once you figure out what presence devices you want to use. The first step creates a virtual device "floresleal1 home" that you can then use in the second step "floresleal1 OR floresleal2 (your family member) home"

If you post questions about this app in the combined presence app linked above, the developer can probably answer them more exactly than I can. All I know is that this app works like magic, and isn't that hard to set up if you follow the steps outlined in the first post of that thread.

ill ask also there.... but if i setup with gps will i have to allow the hubitat app to always know my location? or doesnt need to?

Yes, that is the idea. Which is why I also incorporate presence fobs (Smartthings arrival sensor) into my combiner. I don't always have GPS on, and my phone is very aggressive about turning off wifi and GPS when the screen is off.