Away from home, door open, can't arm system

dose this realy work?
However I removed the failure message option from my HSM and was then able to arm the system with the sensor open and closing it then reopening it set off the alarm
If it dose work it is grate to know, at least you will have some protection.

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it is great It would be nice to be able to get the message that a device was bypassed due to it being open rather than having that cause the arm failure

Even better if you can get this options to chose from:
In case of contact is open, select what you want HSM to do
bypass it or try to arm again en 60s or Arm Home or do NOT Arm

Also you will get 2 diferent messages
one for bypassed contat
and one for arm failure

My understanding is that it should include any bypassed sensors the next time they are in the correct state, so if your front door is open when you arm and it bypasses it when it is closed it should start monitoring it again at that point so if it is opened while still armed it should set the alarm off although I haven't verified that. But I agree it would be nice to be able to get messages about devices bypassed without it stopping it from arming at least options either way.

Have a look at this app. The OP wrote an app that fills these shortcomings within HSM. You get a warning message that a contact is open as well as the ability to force arm the system with the open contact. It works very well.

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