Away from home and have to remotely allow access to condo

I am at work and need to let strata in to change the smoke detector.

I use dashboard

C-5 hardware
Last check-in was 06/14/2021 - 20:24:03 (14.5 hours ago)

Dashboard shows Yale lock as unlocked but it sure isn't according to the guys in the hallway.
Trying to toggle it results in endless spinning


Maybe try rebooting it and unlocking again?

Give them the code, and change it later?

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I wish I had thought of that at the time. I'm now stuck with a fine for not being home in the middle of the day.

And here I thought technology was supposed to help? Just wait till you actually rely on it and see how much help it is DOH

Thanks for helping me with my now closer to perfect hindsight! LoL :rofl:

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Now as to why unlocking it didn't work, that is a different problem. Wonder what was going on? Low batteries in the lock? Mesh issues? Something else?

If you want to dig into that, I am sure people would be wiling to try and walk you through some things.


I use a little app called Reliable Lock, available on HPM. It creates a virtual lock for your physical lock and does a few retries etc etc. Probably would not have helped in your situation since I'm pretty sure you did a few retries yourself :frowning:

Remotely unlocking a z-wave or zigbee lock on-demand is a multi-step process, and unfortunately failure at one or more points is always possible.

It sounds like this is a management company that needs periodic access for routine maintenance?

In addition to considering troubleshooting why the lock was having trouble remaining connected (if that’s what happened, based on the info shared so far), you can also try to mitigate a similar event in the future by adding a separate code for your management company to use when they need to enter.

You would have the option to restrict use of that code to certain dates or timeframes, or set a notification anytime that code is used, which would be useful from a security perspective.

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To the kind folks who responded years ago... Sorry for evaporating after griping...

Explanation... Not an excuse, but just context: Had a death in the family shortly after and just left all the home automation 'hobby' alone. Depression and life kept me from bothering with anything for me in the time since. I appreciated and read your guys' responses and actually did wind up taking your efforts as advice in formulating my fix: I just wound up setting a few throw away onetime use codes for this kind of situation.

coming back to it now and trying to make my home the home I wanted back then..

Thanks guys.


Sorry to hear of your family’s loss and health troubles. Depression can be really disabling but is usually treatable, so I hope you were able to find the help you needed.

If you’re getting back into home automation and have any other questions, we’re still here :slightly_smiling_face:.