Away automation setting safety monitoring

Hey all new here 1st time post jumping over form smarthings. System is setup everything is connected. Attempting to setup safety monitoring where when my presence sensor are away the active security of motion sensors and open close sensor ultimately triggering an alarm. I have Iphone with both life 360 and hubitat native presence both checked. my wifes phone only reports away not home my daughter only reports home not away and mine doesnt report all are setup identical. Additionally i have mode manager setup to change modes based on these presence setting and that does not seem to be changing status at all. And guides you can provide to set sensors and security based off presence. I think i may delete all these apps and start fresh. Appreciate any help you can offer

Welcome to Hubitat!

Unfortunately, Life360 has recently tightened the screws on any 3rd-party integrations, so it's no longer a reliable option to use with Hubitat. There is a community app workaround available, but I expect it will get knee-capped soon too -- L360 seems to be headed down the same road that MyQ just took in terms of locking things down.

The app-based Hubitat presence option works great for some, poorly for others - and sadly, that's the case with a lot of presence/location solutions. There are a LOT of threads over the years here in the community about trying to find the holy-grail for such a solution, and no silver bullet yet.

If you're an Apple household, I'd recommend using HomeKit for presence -- that's what I moved to after finally dropping L360 recently. HomeKit still isn't always perfect, but it's a lot better for us than L360 or the Hubitat app ever was.

Good luck, and welcome again!