AVA Remote

Hey guys,

Just want to share this with you.

On the latest HomeTech.fm podcast we talked about the new AVA remote. But one of the cool things I had TJ do is load the Hubitat dashboard on the remote. And it works pretty well.

Now keep in mind, while they do call this a remote, its more of a thin android phone. You can load all of the apps you want. It's not really meant to control the home entertainment system. They should have labelled it more of a "Smart Home Controller" instead of a remote. However if you did setup a "remote" dashboard you could tie it into a harmony hub or something similar and control your TV through the touch screen.

While this is probably out of my price range (and you need an installer to get one) I wonder if there is a future for similar devices.

Just wanted to share this.


From their web site, it appears they have wireless speakers and this remote. I wonder what part of this needs a professional installer?

I've had touch screen remotes in the past. After the novelty has worn off, you realize response usually sucks. I've got to be honest, tactile buttons feel better and less chance of hitting the wrong one or it just not working because of something on your hands.

Probably none of it. Bit its the direction they chose probably to ensure that their speakers/remote are configured perfectly and its probably aimed more at integration with systems like Control 4.

Keep in mind this isn't a remote in the sense of controlling your home entertainment system. Its more of a "smart home controller". Works with their speakers and any of the other systems in the house that have an app or interface that you can load on it. While it does have an IR blaster on the top, you need to download a 3rd party remote control app from the play store to use it. So its not a native feature.

So in this case, a touch screen works. When I look at remotes for my TV, physical buttons are a must.