Automations not working after restore

I went out of town for a few days and when I came back my C-7 hub lost all settings and devices. Not sure what happened during the past week. I did a restore and everything came back. Afterwards, I shut down the hub and pulled the plug and restarted the hub just to make sure the restoration was complete. Everything is good except none of the automations (Rule Machine or Simple Rules) get triggered when they are supposed to.

Any ideas?

I remember something about needing to go into the app (not the individual rules) and clicking done if this happens but I could be wrong.

Can I assume that your devices still work correctly? (I assume that's part of "everything," but since a database backup doesn't include the contents of the Z-Wave radio, it's worth asking. They shouldn't have been erased unless you reset the radio or did a full reset, though. Zigbee should be fine unless you moved the backup to a different hub or did one of these resets.) If so, that would explain the apps thing for sure. :slight_smile:

Assuming that's not it: I l'd also guess what @at did: particularly with apps that run on a schedule, if something was missed, like when your hub was down, you may need to hit "Done" to re-initialize that schedule. I'd guess that "regular" device/event subscriptions shouldn't matter, but it can't hurt to just do it on every app, anyway.