Automation started failing. Refresh Not working?

Hello everyone!

I use my Hubitat to monitor water use, start a siren after 30 continuous minutes of running water, then shut the water off after 15 more minutes. I do this to prevent a holding tank from filling to overflowing should a toilet run or a faucet be left on.

The rule has worked great for multiple month. But around August 11, it started failing. The rule appears to trigger when the water starts running, but does not appear to get the message that the water use has dropped. This happens intermittently.

I control the well pump with a GE 40 Amp Switch. I have been using the community “Z-Wave Metering Switch” driver. This has required a rule to manually refresh the switch (currently configured for every two minutes) to get a power value for the well pump to use in the rule.

When I refresh the switched, I do not see the refresh info in the device “Events” table. I think I did in the past but am not sure.

In the process of researching this, I found the supported driver for “GE 40 Amp Switch.” Great to see a supported driver, but does not seem to make any difference. One interesting thing about the driver is that it has an energy report capability. However, the only thing it seems to report is line voltage.

Any suggestions for what to look at next?


You might want to turn on all logging on those rules. This will help you determine what is the source of the issue - is it not triggering? Is a condition not being met? Etc.

It could happen that some of the triggers are no longer triggering. If that happens, you can try to stop (not pause) and then re-start a rule. As I understand it, this will “refresh” some of the triggers.

That said, let us know what you find in your logs!


Thanks! I turned on logging for both rules. I also spent some time looking through the Well Pump logs. If I read the attached page correctly, it looks like it is refreshing and reporting every two minutes. Very odd that there was an incident (false alarm of well running) right 10:58. Looking at the logs, that was when the Well Pump reported 5W of power, so my idea that the refresh was not working seems to be a dead end. Attaching that log.

I am assuming there is no reason to rebuild monitoring rule using 5.0.

I did stop and restart the Well Pump monitoring rule, so maybe that will help.

Thanks again!

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