Automation Repository

It strikes me that all sorts of systems are being integrated into Hubitat, and they all have their own automation systems and within those systems there are people who've done limited stuff, and others who've got the system concerned doing things it's designers hadn't thought of or only contemplated in their worst nightmares.
It was suggested that a collection of Broadlink codes could be built up for people to pull what they need without faffing around finding remotes and convincing them to work etc.
Why not a collection of automations in the different systems that Hubitat can talk to? IE somewhere people can store advanced Hubitat/Smartlife/Smartlife/Google/Alexa etc automations in such a way that people can study them and adapt them to things that fit their use case.
I still have a smartlife zigbee hub running lights among other things I don't intend to get rid of it and I could do with good lighting automations (and for example the H/BL IR codes for TCL smart TVs) .. I also plan to use the smartlife IR/RF blaster I have to automate aircon so I need automations for that although I could use Hubitat/BL to do the same thing - but automations from higher skilled people would be useful there too (especially in that case, because its a little bit more complex).

It'd be good to provide examples and provide a repository of information and automations that can be modified to help other users. Of especial use would be automations designed to help with limited mobility or other issues people have.

Just a thought.


It's not a bad thought. Especially since you can export rules. The issue is people. As a species we're lazy AF. A good example of this was the community app wiki. It rarely gets updated. Fortunately HPM is around and thanks to people like @csteele it's maintained. But who knows, one day he may abandon it. Again we are lazy AF.


I'd reply in length but I'm lazy AF. :rofl:


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