Automation initiated by lost internet connection

I am setting up home automation at my remote property, where my internet connection is a cellular modem from Telus. It is very slow and loses connectivity.

Would I be able to set your smart hub so that when I am away, if I have power and no internet connectivity, the hub would shut off certain items (such as my well pump) and reboot them once internet connectivity is restored, or would the hub not be able to execute a set of automated rules tied to internet connectivity?

This is a regular problem for me. A couple days ago, I lost power. The power company confirmed that the power meter is pingable and telco confirmed that the modem is pingable. Unfortunately, I am now not able to connect to the Unifi network controller or any downstream devices. It was suggested that I manually reboot the controller, but it is 1000 miles from where I live.

Could use [Release] Hubitat Ping to ping a website and use the presence = not present as a trigger for a rule…


a product that you may want to consider using with your unifi controller. if the controller loses internet connectivity, it restarts your cellular modem by disconnecting power to it for a short bit of time


Ping is also now built into RM....

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The short answer is yes, absolutely.

This is very close to what I am doing.

What are you doing?

How would I do it?

I looked at your link. It looks very impressive. I am not a programmer. Would I need to be in order to get this to work with Hubitat?

I haven't actually implemented something like this, but as i understand it, it goes like this...

  1. Hub periodically pings a site out in the web.
  2. If ping success, do nothing.
  3. If ping fails, trigger a rule that turns off power to the smart plug that powers your modem/router/etc., wait some time, and then turn it back on. Can also require two or more successive pings to fail, multiple sites, etc.
  4. Repeat as many times as you want, waiting as long as you want between power cycles. Stop the cycle after whatever criteria you program.

The only requirement is that you have a locally controlled plug (zigbee, Z-Wave, or certain WiFi plugs) AND that your hub is on a different power supply. It can't turn your plug back on if it's offline.

Others may have specific examples of rules or apps that can be used.

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You’d need to either use HPM, or a manual install into the Device Code area of the hub, and then go to the Device tab and create a new virtual device using the driver (sounds complicated but really isn’t too bad). After creating the device change the preferences to poll on an interval, save, and then enter the IP address of the site you want to ping, and click the ping button… driver will ping on its own from that point.

Next step is to go to RM and create a rule that uses the presence attribute changing to not present as its trigger. In the action for the rule tell it to create a notification.

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Thanks. I just ordered it.