Automation ideas for an extra Xiaomi Aqara vibration sensor?

Before I bought power-monitoring outlets, I'd purchased two of these as vibration sensors for my washer and dryer.

I re-purposed one of them to monitor my garage door, where it has worked well to monitor open/closed positions. But the other one has just been sitting around for the last 9 months.

So, I'm looking for automation ideas that can make use of it.


I put one in all of my portable fireproof/waterproof document safes. I also have one in the small safe next to my bed.


Do you have a sliding glass door? One could be used as a glass break sensor.


That's a great idea. I do have a safe, but it is bolted down in my closet. But I have large sliding patio doors - that's what I'll use it for. Thank you!!


I forgot about that. I have skylights that I put vibration sensors on.


So the aqara vibration sensors work Hubitat? DJT11LM is what I just purchased off Amazon.

Only if you have a zigbee mesh that exclusively has Aqara compatible repeaters.

I have one HE with about 30 Aqara sensors (motion, temperature, contact, vibration). All eleven zigbee repeaters on that HE are either Tradfri USB repeaters or Tradfri outlets:

Its been stable for about 7-8 months.

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Thanks! I better cancel that order. Much appreciated!!

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Yes, this post is a must-read for anyone considering the use of Xiaomi Aqara devices. I had purchased a couple before I got a separate HE that I use exclusively with Aqara devices, and they would drop off intermittently.

Did you find a good use? I have one I don’t know what to do with either. Maybe dry contact. I’m sure there’s two points inside you can short to trigger its state change.

Stuck it on a backyard patio door ....

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I don’t have any, but it might work as a door knock sensor.

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Thanks for the suggestion. They're just not as sensitive as the latest SmartThing multi-sensors for vibration, so I'm not even going to try to use them for that purpose. I will just buy a SmartThings sensor if I need that capability.

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@SmartHomePrimer Really? I mounted it to the freezer door and it didn't sense the open, then tried it on a shelf on the door, that didn't work either.

@aaiyar I don't need to buy the Aquara hub, just put a couple tradfi's in the house?

Which sensor are you talking about, the Aqara or the SmartThings? I’m using the SmartThings on my chest freezer and that works fine for contact, but the tilt is inconsistent. I’m using the Aqara vibration sensor on my dishwasher door and that’s consistent, but lacks some of the values I want and can get if I pair it to HE directly. Will get around to that at some point. My Aqara vibration sensor is currently attached to my Aqara hub and connected to HE via Homebridge.

Don’t expect every Aqara device to work perfectly with some TRÅDFRI outlet as repeaters. It’s a careful balancing act of placement, zero incompatible devices in the network, and patience. Even then, it’s not perfect and you can expect them to occasionally drop. The Aqara hub is the only thing I’ve found that never fails

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The SmartThings Multisensor vibration sensor is what I was talking about. People have been using them on washers and dryers. I have no idea how that is consistent.

They must have the very unbalanced loads of laundry or very old equipment. There is no way I could trip a SmartThings Multisensor with vibration from my LG washer/dryer. This is specifically why I use the Aeon HEM for laundry instead.

The Aquara Vibration sensor seemed much more accurate testing unattached and I have 0 Tradfri in the house yet, gotta get someone to ship me some Tradfris Repeaters.

On Zigbee repeating, I could have sworn I read somewhere that the SmartThings outlets are not very good repeaters? Is that why my SmartThings Presence Sensors are kinda flaky?

I have an Aqara vibration sensor I bought just to play around with. (We call it the Bacon Sensor because of the markings on top.) It registers X, Y, and Z positions, so I've used it as a poor-man's cube, triggering different things based on different orientations. I've also used it in the cat bed to turn on a warmer when they jumped in, though I'm not sure they ever learned it got warm after a few minutes. They didn't prefer that bed over any other place in the house, so now it's back to an extra device waiting for a fun use for me, too.

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On my quest to find the most sensitive vibration sensor, I ordered the new v5 SmartThings Multisensor and just got them this morning, they MUCH MUCH better than anything I've owned in the past.

Using it right now to turn the TV on with my Harmony Elite when I sit down on the couch.

Eventually, I'll purchase them for all the windows in the house for glass break/open sensors on windows.

Will these work with Hubitat as a tilt sensor for a garage door?

They will. But if you do not currently have any Aqara devices, can I recommend strongly that you not purchase any. They are known to be unstable on Hubitat, and while there are workarounds, in general these sensors, which aren't ZHA1.2 compliant, require a lot of babysitting to stay connected.

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