Automation ideas for an extra Xiaomi Aqara vibration sensor?

Before I bought power-monitoring outlets, I'd purchased two of these as vibration sensors for my washer and dryer.

I re-purposed one of them to monitor my garage door, where it has worked well to monitor open/closed positions. But the other one has just been sitting around for the last 9 months.

So, I'm looking for automation ideas that can make use of it.


I did put one of these on our Roborock S50, as soon the vacuum is moving and we're out all the motion detectors will be deactivated. Haven't missed so far! :slightly_smiling_face:


I put one in all of my portable fireproof/waterproof document safes. I also have one in the small safe next to my bed.


Do you have a sliding glass door? One could be used as a glass break sensor.


That's a great idea. I do have a safe, but it is bolted down in my closet. But I have large sliding patio doors - that's what I'll use it for. Thank you!!


I forgot about that. I have skylights that I put vibration sensors on.


So the aqara vibration sensors work Hubitat? DJT11LM is what I just purchased off Amazon.

Only if you have a zigbee mesh that exclusively has Aqara compatible repeaters.

I have one HE with about 30 Aqara sensors (motion, temperature, contact, vibration). All eleven zigbee repeaters on that HE are either Tradfri USB repeaters or Tradfri outlets:

Its been stable for about 7-8 months.

Thanks! I better cancel that order. Much appreciated!!

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Yes, this post is a must-read for anyone considering the use of Xiaomi Aqara devices. I had purchased a couple before I got a separate HE that I use exclusively with Aqara devices, and they would drop off intermittently.

Did you find a good use? I have one I don’t know what to do with either. Maybe dry contact. I’m sure there’s two points inside you can short to trigger its state change.

Stuck it on a backyard patio door ....

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I don’t have any, but it might work as a door knock sensor.

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Thanks for the suggestion. They're just not as sensitive as the latest SmartThing multi-sensors for vibration, so I'm not even going to try to use them for that purpose. I will just buy a SmartThings sensor if I need that capability.

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