Automation Device Suggestions?

I'm a programmer and engineer by trade, so I'm pretty enthusiastic about the open / configurable nature of the HE. Right now I've added some Honeywell thermostats to control the zones in my home, and that went well.

What I am looking for are some recommendations -

  1. I want to do whole-house audio control from a central location, six to twelve inputs and about six outputs. So far, all the devices I can find (like Niles, Legrand, AudioSource) seem to use proprietary and non-automation remote switching controls - What are people using?
  2. The old (non-smart) security system in the house was a DSC system monitored by ADT. I want to be able to manage and control the security system through z-wave - Any recommendations for DSC replacement/compatibility?
  3. Several fans in my house have LED bulbs and motor control done through 110v dimmers/sliders, and most of them are 3-way dimmers/sliders - Who makes a good fan+led control that works with 110v 3-way?
  4. POE cameras - Does anyone make a security system (linux preferred - like bluecherry) that has z-wave control integration?
  5. Outdoor lighting - For security lighting, I'd like a system where from dusk to dawn, the exterior security lights are on, but are on low - dim, and trigger to high - bright when motion is detected, and I'd like there to also be a keypad that controls the high/low for like 20 minutes and then returns to regular programming - but it also signals the PTX cameras to follow the motion.

Any suggestions, folks?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'll pass this one off to someone else with more experience in whole-home audio. I only have a single receiver with 6 input channels I can change through rule manager if I want.

  2. or Envisalink 4 will let you bring in your zones as sensors. wires into each zone on the panel and the Envisalink wires into red, black, yellow, green wires and brings all the zones over even the wireless ones. Which you go with really depends on how many zones and if you're needing to bring over wireless zones.
    For Konnected it's helpful to have a free zone to use as a keyswitch so you can arm and disarm with Hubitat. Envisalink can do this without a spare zone. More than 12 zones can get pretty expensive going the Konnected route since you will need an alarm module and 2 interface modules for every 12 zones. Envisalink doesn't really matter since your using an addressable interface.

  3. ZOOZ Z-WAVE PLUS S2 DOUBLE SWITCH ZEN30 (WHITE) FOR LIGHT & FAN COMBO There's probably several others just this was the first I came across.

  4. For Cameras you're better off spending that extra money you would be spending for z-wave functionality on a better camera (LPR, Starlight, PTX) and then just bringing the feed into a dashboard, and do some cool stuff in Blue Iris or similar.

  5. Dusk to dawn use modes to set the lighting brightness in RM or simple lighting. Use a motion trigger to have the lights adjust to "high - bright". You could use any pico remote or button controller to also trigger rules for the keypad aspect and send commands to your camera app to do the fiddly bits.

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Whole house audio. Most of the higher end stuff has Rs-232 so a little raspberry pi and serial adapter will let you create an interface to that, you’d need to build a driver but simple http calls are easy.

I personally use airplay devices and a driver/server to connect them to Hubitat via some software called airfoil. But that’s a 100% Mac solution

If you use denon/Yamaha they do have drivers if you search the forum so that is an option as well(these tend to be more focussed on home theatre than whole home Audio so do your research)

You can also get some ir control to bridge a dumber audio device, look at broadlink/bond/harmony (I prefer broadlink)

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Seems like there’s an opportunity for a global cache ip to serial adapter here.

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I monitor my DSC alarm through the keybus with a esp8266.