Automating Valor Gas Fireplace

Has anyone had any experience automating and connecting a Valor Gas Fireplace? it uses a standard Mertik Maxitrol ignition system and remote, It has few controls, on/off/flame height (how much the valve is open) and I think a temperature sensor (although this might be in the remote?) I don't care that much about maintaining the current RF remote, in case an alternate igniter/valve is compatible and has zwave or zigbee built in.

If the remote is RF, it MIGHT be something you could control with the Logitech Harmony Hub, for which a Hubitat driver is said to exist. There is a new version of the Hub out now, so the prior generation is going cheap (~$40) from a bunch of people on eBay.

I use the bond hub. Works well. Have it sitting in my basement and the fireplace is in my family room.

It’s more of a control device though and not a full integration. So you can send the commands but HE won’t know the exact state of the fireplace.

I just emailed Bond, and they got back right away. After sending pictures of our remote they said that the Valor system and remote was not compatible with their system. Even in the Learning Mode it wouldn’t be able to issue the two button hold required to initially light the pilot flame.

I have a feeling it would have the same issue as the Bond system, the complex’s pilot light gesture Doesn’t seem to be reproduceable with a 3rd party RF solution. I think I’ll need to find a zwave/zigbee valve control to replace/add too the current one.

Not sure what to say. Maybe you have a different remote.

I have the valor plus 3.1 remote. Sounds similar to yours. I recorded the two button start command and can turn on, off and adjust the flame. I’ve been using it all winter so I know it works.

image image

Hmmm just going by what bond told me over email based on the photos I sent them above. They told me it wasn’t compatible. If you have the same one lemme know and I’ll order it to try out. Would be nice to get it working. Unfortunately without a IoT valve controller you can’t actually query the current state, and it would be push only, based on “trust” I guess we can always flip on the nest cam in the living room if their is any doubt. :slight_smile:

This is the one I have. It looks similar but is not the exact. That being said. It does work for me. And I did program the two button start up.

Does look pretty similar. If i can’t find a zwave/zigbee valve control I’ll try out the bond.

You could try a broadlink rmpro3, it supports 315mHz, the same frequency your remote uses. Now there's a native integration for broadlink with HE. Don't get the RM4, it does not support 315mHz nor can it be locally integrated with HE, like the RM pro3 can. And the rmpro3 has a temp sensor.
The broadlink is cheap, 30-35 USD.

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Be CAREFUL when ordering an RM Pro for use with 315MHz... There are MANY ads for 433MHz/315MHz models... But when they arrive, they are 433MHz only.

Question the seller before you purchase.

Now you done it, got me thinging about my mendota gas fireplace. It uses a 0.584.040 SIT Controls Proflame 2 Remote Control Transmitter which operates at 315mHz, although I've not had success replicating the signal with my RMpro3.
@cybrmage have you heard of anyone successfully doing this? Looks like @gavincampbell has his working with a bond.

Here we go- burned hole in wallet in 3,2,.....

It works for me and works well. My remote is 315mhz as shown above.

Don't blame me for your wallet hurting though. :slight_smile:

I have not.... But I have never had anyone tell me it does not work... I have had reports that an RM Pro device with a 315MHz radio is able to capture codes from a 315MHz remote and successfully transmit the captured code.

As long as the remote doesn't do anything fancy like rolling code, it should work.

I have a different brand but my remote looks just like that. I have it mostly working. The problem is it sends "composite commands." What I mean is there doesn't seem to just be an "increase flame command." There is a different command for "increase the flame while the light is on and the fan is at high" vs "increase the flame while the light is on but the fan is medium" vs "increase the flame while the light is off and the fan is high," at least as far as I can tell. So for example, when I recorded my "increase flame" button press I did it with the light off. If I happen to have the light on and increase the flame, my light shuts off. I haven't found a way to make it work better. @bond-merck and @bond-jacob come to the forums sometimes, maybe they can shed some light on the various situations we're talking about here?

Ok I’ll check that one out too. Having a temp sensor is is nice too (the factory remote does as well) I was thinking that would be a good proxy for state, since I wouldn’t really have state with a one way remote.

Valor just sent me this product sheet for a new WiFi control that can be added to our current fireplace. They said even though it’s WiFi it only works locally. And this second one that allows for wiring of a 3rd party control module

I know the second one would work with a relay like the Fibaro one, but it would still be one directional. With state being a guess rather than actually being able to query the system about current flame height/valve state.

I get a access denied, but very interesting. If it has an api then we could probably integrate it.

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