Automating "Send Geo Event"?

We have issues with both iPhones in the house occasionally not updating presence status in HE. I would say at least once a week, perhaps more, each phone fails to update when coming or going. After a quick search, I can see I'm not the only one with this issue. A post on one of the threads mentioned that you can go to the Settings page in the app and tap Send Geo Event to update the phone's presence. I have found that this works.

Now, any way to get this functionality in Rule Machine? I am thinking of two uses.

First, I would like to create dashboard tiles to update each phone so that if I'm looking at the dashboard and see that the status of one of the phones isn't correct, I could just tap the tile to update.

Second, I would like to trigger an update in conjunction with the iPhone WiFi Presence app. I don't want to rely on WiFi presence to trigger location-based automations because a device could become disconnected from the network for reasons other than physically leaving the home. So I am thinking that I can use device disconnect to trigger a location update in case the phone DID leave home and the location did not automatically update. Then if the phone actually has left, the location-based automation will trigger when the phone's presence changes.

I’m not sure I understand, but are you looking for a way to use Rule Machine to trigger a “send Geo event” on the Hubitat app on your iPhone?



I'm not aware of any way to automate an action in an iOS app. I find that opening the Hubitat mobile app every day or two helps it send accurate presence most of the time, but I'm combing two methods (this plus HomeBridge) to make it better for me. Presence seems to be flaky for a lot of people, and this is a common, though of course less than ideal, solution.

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Sounds like you read the other threads and I posted the same question in one. I have rules setup that warn me when the phones do not update properly and if I see them I can manually go and do a send geo event and get things back on track. Getting my wife to do that is another story. I to would like to be able to do a send a Geo event without having to physically open my phone to do it.

As I mentioned above, I do not think that is possible.

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Yep! Haha!

OK, I think maybe I didn't phrase my original question quite accurately. I did not think there was a way for HE to automate an action in a phone app. Rather, just as there is a "send geo event" option in the phone app, is there a similar option on the hub? In other words, I want to be able force an update (poll, refresh, etc.) for the phone's location in case the phone did not automatically update when crossing the geofence. When I open one of the phones from the Devices page in the hub's web UI, there are Arrived, Departed, and Device Notification commands available, but no refresh. Would like to see a refresh option here.