Automating Custom Shades

I've tried all the usual searches but I'm not finding what I'm looking for. I have roman shades that have no mechanical mechanisms, rollers, gears, etc. They are simply ropes, and eye hooks. The blinds are held in place with cord wrapped on a cleat. A very simple handmade style. I'd like to automate these and I suspect I need some type of stepper motor attached to a device capable of rolling the cord on a spindle. Are there any products along these lines? I'd like to find something off the shelf or at least assembled components. I'm not interested in building from scratch with micro-controllers.

There are motors made for roller shades. The motors cost around 50-60 each and usually come with a remote. Adapting this to the Hubitat would help me as well. I have some of these window coverings. Although I am not much into automation of things, I would be purchasing Hubitats for each window covering installation made. There are about 3 brands of motors I have used, and each remote and motor is unique coding to the motor. Although the hardware looks pretty much identical.

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